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Soldiers, Warriors and Leaders
Wars, Battles, and Conflicts
Armed Forces
Strategy and Tactics
Weapons, Equipment and Fortifications
Politics and Society

1350: Soldiers, Warriors and Leaders
1350: Wars, Battles, and Conflicts
1350: Armed Forces
1350: Strategy and Tactics
1350: Weapons, Equipment and Fortifications
1350: Politics and Society
1351: Soldiers, Warriors and Leaders
1351: Wars, Battles, and Conflicts
1351: Armed Forces
1351: Strategy and Tactics
1351: Weapons, Equipment and Fortifications
1351: Politics and Society
1352: Soldiers, Warriors and Leaders
1352: Wars, Battles, and Conflicts
1352: Armed Forces
1352: Strategy and Tactics
1352: Weapons, Equipment and Fortifications
1352: Politics and Society
1353: Soldiers, Warriors and Leaders
1353: Wars, Battles, and Conflicts
1353: Armed Forces
1353: Strategy and Tactics
1353: Weapons, Equipment and Fortifications
1353: Politics and Society
1354: Soldiers, Warriors and Leaders
1354: Wars, Battles, and Conflicts
1354: Armed Forces
1354: Strategy and Tactics
1354: Weapons, Equipment and Fortifications
1354: Politics and Society
1355: Soldiers, Warriors and Leaders
1355: Wars, Battles, and Conflicts
1355: Armed Forces
1355: Strategy and Tactics
1355: Weapons, Equipment and Fortifications
1355: Politics and Society
1356: Soldiers, Warriors and Leaders
1356: Wars, Battles, and Conflicts
1356: Armed Forces
1356: Strategy and Tactics
1356: Weapons, Equipment and Fortifications
1356: Politics and Society
1357: Soldiers, Warriors and Leaders
1357: Wars, Battles, and Conflicts
1357: Armed Forces
1357: Strategy and Tactics
1357: Weapons, Equipment and Fortifications
1357: Politics and Society
1358: Soldiers, Warriors and Leaders
1358: Wars, Battles, and Conflicts
1358: Armed Forces
1358: Strategy and Tactics
1358: Weapons, Equipment and Fortifications
1358: Politics and Society
1359: Soldiers, Warriors and Leaders
1359: Wars, Battles, and Conflicts
1359: Armed Forces
1359: Strategy and Tactics
1359: Weapons, Equipment and Fortifications
1359: Politics and Society

Date > 1300 > 1350-1359

A Commemorative History of Aboriginal People in the Canadian Military

Type: Document

This history on our Aboriginal Peoples and their contribution to Canada’s rich military heritage is the latest in a series of books prepared by the Director of History and Heritage commemorating especial military experience. Authors : P. Whitney Lackenbauer, Ph.D., R. Scott Sheffield, Ph.D., John Moses, Maxime Gohier

Site: National Defence

Chronology of Major Battles from 1000-1754

Type: Document

A list of the most important military engagements, both inside and outside Canada, that had an effect on the country.

Site: National Defence

From Footmen To Soldiers

Type: Document

Professional soldiers were a recent development in the Europe of 1500. They fought for pay, not for loot or feudal obligation, and could have firearms as weapons.

Site: National Defence

The world known to European scholars in about 1350 as transposed on a modern map

Type: Image

Much of the geographical knowledge in the Middle Ages dated back to the classical Greeks with various later accounts added in. These would include those of the Vikings in northern seas and Marco Polo’s tale of travels in the Far East during the 13th century. Maps published before Christopher Columbus’ discoveries in 1492 remained essentially as shown. There was no suspicion amongst Europeans, Asians and Africans that there might be other continents. Map from 'Ridpath’s Cyclopedia,' 1885.

Site: National Defence