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General Site Structure

The Canadian Military History Gateway primarily operates with a three-panel page structure.

  • Global Panel - This panel displays the Global Menu Bar, page headers and, on the Flash Web site, the interactive Timeline.
  • Left Panel - This panel displays the Left Navigation Bar providing Search capabilities and access to the text-based HTML Timeline, the History Browser, Glossary and Online Reference Books.
  • Main Content Panel - This panel displays a variety of site content, specific site features, and search result listings.

A couple of the pages on the site (the Help page and the History Browser homepage) operate with a two-panel structure, omitting the left panel.

A Site Map displays a hierarchical index of the static pages on the Gateway Web site, and provides links to those pages.

Global Menu Bar

Français Link to the French version of the Canadian Military History Gateway.
Contact us Link to a description of how you can contact us
Help Link to guidance on the Gateway's features and functions.
Search Link to the Gateway keyword search feature Link to the main Government of Canada Web site.

Left Navigation Bar

SEARCH Search for military history resources using keywords
HISTORY BROWSER Link to a directory of military history resources organized by topic
GLOSSARY Link to a list of military terms and their definitions
ONLINE REFERENCE BOOKS Link to an online version of the three volume Canadian Military History series