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The Canadian Military Heritage reference set is a heavily illustrated, three-volume work covering ten centuries of Canada's rich military history, from Amerindians, Vikings, and the Basques to the Siege of Quebec, the American Revolution, and on through the world wars to the U.N. missions of the late 20th century. The books include extensive descriptions of forts and barracks, uniforms, weapons, regiments and other formations.

The three volumes in the Canadian Military History series cover the following time periods:

  • Volume I 1000 - 1754
  • Volume II 1755 - 1871
  • Volume III 1872 - 2000

The books have been digitized and made available online on their own Web site. There are two versions of the book site - Flash and HTML. They are identical except that the Flash site includes interactive, multimedia slideshows in Flash format.

The book Web site is accessible from the Gateway by any of three ways:

  • From the Gateway Homepage, click on the Online Reference Books link.
  • From anywhere on the Gateway Web site, click the link on the Left Navigation Bar.
  • Within a Gateway search result listing, military history resources found within the book are flagged with an icon. book icon Click on the search result to access the Books site.

When a link to the book site is clicked on, the linked resource will open in a new window. To return to the Canadian Military History Gateway, minimize or close the Online Reference Books window.


Global Menu Bar

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Left Navigation Bar - Flash Site

  • Select a book volume from the drop down list.
  • Click on a chapter title to display section titles within the chapter.
  • Click on a section title to view associated book content.
  • At the bottom of the navigation bar select the "Multimedia Libray" to view a list of Multimedia files associated with the books.

Left Navigation Bar - HTML Site

  • Select a book volume from the drop down list.
  • Click on a chapter title to display section titles within the chapter.
  • Click on a section title to view associated book content.

User Guidelines

The following sections provide specific guidelines on using the My Gateway feature.

Table of Contents

  • The Left Navigation Bar acts as a Table of Contents for the book site, displaying the volume number, chapter titles and section titles for each book. The volume numbers and the dates appear above the Table of Contents heading.)
  • Click on a volume name in the drop-down list to load that book, along with the book's chapter titles. For the first chapter in any volume, the section titles are automatically displayed. Click on any chapter title to display the section titles within the chapter; click on another title and the section titles will be collapsed.

Page Display

  • Click on a section title and the page content for that section will appear in the main content panel. The chapter title is displayed at the top of the page, followed by the section title. The number of pages associated with a section is identified in brackets next to the title.
  • If a section consists of more than one page, navigation aids are provided. You can move between the pages by clicking on the hyperlinked page numbers, or browse forwards and backwards using the Next and Back buttons. The navigational aids are repeated at the bottom of the page.
  • A page may have one or more images associated with it. The first, or main, image is displayed in line with the page text. Any additional images are listed at the bottom of the page as thumbnails.
  • Clicking on a main image or a thumbnail will load a new page displaying a higher resolution version of the selected image.

Flash Site - Multimedia

  • The book site contains a number of multimedia slideshows in Flash format. The multimedia files are accessible in two ways; by clicking on the Multimedia Library link appearing on the Left Navigation Bar, or clicking on a multimedia file link that is displayed within a book page.
  • Based on the slideshow subject, individual multimedia files appear in conjunction with book pages related to that subject.
  • Clicking on the View Multimedia link will load the slideshow on a new page. Click the Play button to start the interactive slideshow. Individual slideshows contain prompts and navigation aids to move the viewer through the presentation.