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Veterans' Week Colouring Sheets

Type: Document

This educational resource contains links to printable colouring sheets commemorating Veteran's Week.

Site: Veterans Affairs Canada

E-postcards for Peace

Type: Document

From this resource educators and students can find and send an electronic postcard commemorating Remembrance Day, Veterans Week, and peacekeeping.

Site: Veterans Affairs Canada

War of 1812 - Teacher's Resource - Fort George National Historic Site

Type: Document

Lesson plan for teaching the history of the War of 1812 that includes time lines and synopses of major events compiled from several texts with the intent of creating a good historical foundation (especially for those with little background on the subject). The material is divided into five major sections - Loyalists; The onset of war; The war turns; The US returns to Niagara; The war ends.

Site: Parks Canada

Parks Canada's 3-D Tours: Defence of Canada

Type: DocumentInteractive Resource

Parks Canada has provided a virtual doorway to explore Canada's national historic military sites. Online tours enable the user to travel to the sites of famous battles or view a famous building. Both virtual and text tours are available.

Site: Parks Canada

Through a Lens: Dieppe in Photography and Film - Educational Resources - Intermediate Level

Type: DocumentFilm and VideoImage

Provides questions for intermediate level students to facilitate discussions pertaining to filmclips and photographs from the raid on Dieppe.

Site: Library and Archives Canada

2000 Veterans' Week Poster

Type: DocumentImage

Here are some activities and symbols associated with Remembrance Day. Also some little known facts regarding our men over seas and life on the homefront are presented. Service Women, politicians, families and heroes are all remembered on this site.

Site: Veterans Affairs Canada

The Budding Explorer: Samuel de Champlain: Activity

Type: Interactive Resource

Help the ghost of Samuel de Champlain regain his memory of Canada`s national historic sites in an interactive game for younger children.

Site: Parks Canada

Assignment: Grades 9-10: Canada’s Full Duty - Canada and the Korean War - For Teachers

Type: Document

Student's are encouraged to analyze Canada's role in supporting the United Nations during the Korean War.

Site: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

L’Anse aux Meadows National Historic Site of Canada: Early Contacts: Lesson Plan

Type: Sound

The site of an 11th century Norse settlement on the Northern tip of Newfoundland’s Great Northern Peninsula, L’Anse aux Meadows is the earliest known European settlement in North America. Students learn about this national and world heritage site through archaeological and documentary evidence that combine to tell a rich tale of early exploration, colonization, and possibly conflict.

Site: Parks Canada

Quick Facts - Teachers' Resources - War, Remembrance, and Peacekeeping

Type: Document

This resource provides links to information on Canada's involvement in wars and peacekeeping in the 20th century.

Site: Veterans Affairs Canada