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Enemy Attacks - November 1951 - Canadians in Korea

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Beginning in mid-October, as a reaction to Operation Commando, the Chinese mounted a series of attacks which continued, with increasing intensity, into November. On the night of November 2-3, the enemy attacked the centre of the Canadian front held by "A" and "C" Companies of the Royal Canadian Regiment.

Site: Veterans Affairs Canada

The Korean War

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Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter was tested by the conflict in Korea. Canada agreed to help the South Koreans and sent destroyers and transport aircraft. An Army Special Service Force was recruited outside the regular army, to serve in Korea. After the initial tour of the Special Service Force, all of the regular force battalions would rotate to Korean for active combat.

Site: National Defence

Attack on Hill 355 - Canadians in Korea

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Since early September 1952 the Royal Canadian Regiment had guarded Hill 355 in South Korea. For the first three days of October, RCR suffered heavy bombardment primarily on Area II, between Hill 355 and Hill 227 and again during October 17 and 22. When "B" Company took over the area on October 22, it found the defences badly damaged, telephone wires cut and weapon pits caved in. On October 23, the enemy attacked.

Site: Veterans Affairs Canada

Van Doos: Korea's Hill 355

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During the Korean War battle known as Hill 355, the Royal 22nd Regiment defend a UN position and save American lives.

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