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Battle of Montgomery's Tavern, 7 December 1837

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On December 7, 1837, approximately 400 rebels gathered at Montgomery's Tavern, Yonge Street, Toronto, to protest the domination of the colonial government by a privileged few. Patronage grievances were compounded with economic decline. Leading the rebels was William Lyon Mackenzie. Armed with rifles, pitchforks, and staves, the rebels faced a larger and better-equipped militia. Amongst the soldiers was John A. Macdonald, future prime minister and Father of Confederation. After an English print.

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Mackenzie's Radicals Dispersed by Loyal Militia

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In late 1837, Upper Canadian radical leader William Lyon Mackenzie tried to overthrow the government and declare a republic. His attempt in early December to take the capital at Toronto was a farce, and his supporters were scattered by hastily raised loyalist militia.

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Battle of Yonge Street - Rebellion and Reform

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In 1837, 150 men assembled at Montgomery's Tavern, just north of Toronto, to plan an armed revolt against British authorities. The next day these same rebels clashed with militiamen loyal to the British crown along Yonge Street. This article discusses the rebellion in Upper Canada and what happened to the rebel leaders. From the television series "Canada: A People's History." Includes links to educational resources, bibliography, games, puzzles, and video clips.

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