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Attack on British Forts and Settlements - Battle for a Continent - War Begins

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Description of television episode on the declaration of war by Britain against France in 1756. Discusses the first battles of the war at Forts Oswego, William Henry, and Carillon as well as at German Flats. Governor Vaudreuil and General Montcalm never agreed on strategy - Vaudreuil's war was one of attrition and Montcalm hated guerrilla warfare. This episode is part of the "Canada: A People's History" series. Includes links to educational resources, bibliography, and video clips.

Site: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

A Strong Move

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The first move in the campaign of 1757 was by the French. Governor Vaudreuil sent Montcalm to take Fort William Henry, hoping to forestall British attacks north along Lake Champlain. The fort was taken, but there was a massacre of prisoners of war by Amerindians.

Site: National Defence