Daily Life of Soldiers and Officers


In the Regiment

Once signed up, the recruits were rounded up at the regimental depot and given a medical examination, which they would pass unless they were in a sorry plight indeed, and then assigned a place in the barracks. Clothed and equipped, the new soldier immediately began to learn how to operate and handle his musket. The formal enlistment took place somewhat afterwards before a magistrate, who advised him of his legal obligations in the army. He then received his enlistment bonus, which disappeared immediately because, according to custom, he had to "treat" his new companions. He would learn soon afterwards that he would have to pay for a variety of small items and minor services such as laundry. It also would not take him long to discover that army uniforms came in only two sizes, too large and too small, which meant that he would have to pay the company tailor to make the appropriate alterations.