Huge Expenses!

Cost Overruns at Quebec and Halifax

The Quebec Citadel, circa 1950

Caption: The Quebec Citadel, circa 1950

Construction of the Quebec Citadel continued apace but it would take several years before it was completed, in 1831, after which there were still many additional expenses. Instead of the projected £70,000, it cost £236,000. Work on the Halifax Citadel, which began in 1828, was to total £116,000 and to be completed in 1834; instead it took 28 years to build and cost £242,000. Work on the Kingston Citadel, called Fort Henry, began in 1832. It took the form of an enormous redoubt, and the plan called for five similar redoubts around the city. Work went smoothly, and it was almost complete in 1837 at a cost of £73,000. However, the final touches were not completed until 1848, raising the total to £88,000. The British government then deemed that it had spent enough and the other redoubts were never built.

Additional Images

Lieutenant-Colonel Gustavus Nicolls, Corps of Royal Engineers
Map of Halifax, 1865
York Redoubt built east of Halifax
British iron guns mounted on iron carriages, circa 1815
Early-19th century guns mounted on iron garrison carriages and iron traversing platforms, Quebec City