The Revolt of Pontiac and the American Invasion

Reinforcements from Britain

The Seige Is Broken

In early May 1776 several ships flying the English flag appeared on the St. Lawrence making their way towards Quebec. This was the relief so eagerly awaited. The news spread like wildfire throughout the land. On May 6 the frigate HMS Surprise dropped anchor in the port of Quebec, followed soon afterwards by other ships. As soon as the reinforcements had disembarked, Carleton organized a sortie outside the city, with his troops and his militiamen, to attack the Americans. But they had already left their positions and were fleeing to Montreal. Carleton followed them as far as Trois-Rivières. On June 8 American General John Sullivan considered counterattacking the British immediately, but the arrival of English warships prevented him from doing so. A battle that followed nevertheless ended in an American defeat by the elite soldiers of the 9th, 20th and 62nd regiments.