The Conquest

The Invasion of the Ohio Valley

A Deliberate Advance

Private, 60th (Royal American) Regiment of Foot, 1758-1767

Caption: Private, 60th (Royal American) Regiment of Foot, 1758-1767

Meanwhile, a third Anglo-American army, under the command of General John Forbes, was slowly approaching Fort Duquesne in the Ohio Valley. Forbes had 400 men from the 60th Regiment, 1,400 men from the 77th Scottish Highlanders Regiment and approximately 5,000 American militiamen. To avoid suffering the fate that Braddock had met three years earlier, Forbes had a new supply route built, with fortifications along the way as well as supply depots. His army advanced at a snail's pace, in small stages. At the end of August the Anglo-American advance guard reached Loyalhanna, where it built Fort Ligonier as well as a large fortified camp only 70 kilometres from Fort Duquesne.