Soldiers of the Atlantic Seaboard

The British Colonies

A Regiment for Nova Scotia and Newfoundland

In 1717, the British decided to create a new regiment to stand guard in Newfoundland and Nova Scotia, incorporating into it the four independent companies already posted to these locations. This would become the 40th Infantry Regiment, identified by a red and buff-coloured uniform. Led by Colonel Phillips, it included one grenadier company and nine fusilier companies, in all 33 officers and 400 soldiers. This one infantry regiment was larger than the entire garrison in Jamaica prior to the 1740s!

Since this beautiful island in the West Indies was economically more important at the time and surrounded by generally hostile Spanish colonies, as well as by pirates, senior officials in Great Britain must have recognized the strategic value of Nova Scotia. Of the ten companies in the regiment, five were posted to Placentia and five, including the grenadiers, to Annapolis, where the regiment had its headquarters. After the Amerindians laid seige to Annapolis in 1722, four of the independent companies in Newfoundland were transferred to Canso, leaving only one in Placentia.