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Introductory Activity: Grades 6-12: What Was the Cold War About? - For Teachers

Type: Document

Students explore a CBC Archives website to gather some first impressions and background information on the Cold War era and its impact on Canadian society and politics.

Site: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

WebQuest Exercise: Grades 6-12: Timeline of Cold War Events - For Teachers

Type: Document

Best suited for senior students, this task involves developing a timeline of some of the major events of the Cold War and indicating how Canada was involved or affected by them. May be modified for younger students.

Site: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Webquest Exercise: Grades 11-12: Perils of Peacemaking - For Teachers

Type: Document

Using a variety of Web-based resources, students will produce a news magazine–style program on peacemaking challenges in the 1990s.

Site: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Signal Hill National Historic Site of Canada: Parks Canada's 3-D Tours: Defence of Canada

Type: Interactive Resource

Parks Canada has provided a virtual doorway to explore Canada's national historic military sites. Online tours enable the user to travel to the sites of famous battles or view a famous building. Both virtual and text tours are available. Commanding the entrance to the narrows leading to St. John's Bay and the town of St. John's, Newfoundland, Signal Hill National Historic Site of Canada commemorates Signal Hill's role in Canada's defence and communications history.

Site: Parks Canada