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Canadian Illustrated News - Hospital Ward in the Palace at Versailles (The War)

Type: Image

Drawing of a hospital room in the Palace at Versailles during the Franco-Prussian War.

Site: Library and Archives Canada

Officers in the mess, circa 1850

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The regimental officers' mess was something of a social centre and a military version of a private gentlemen’s club. By pooling their resources together, the officers could thus indulge in some of life's small luxuries such as good wines and pleasant surroundings.

Site: National Defence

Staff and patients, Moose Jaw field hospital, 1885

Type: Image

A group of Anglican nuns from Toronto served in a 40-bed hospital in Moose Jaw during the Northwest Rebellion of 1885. They cared for sick and wounded from the battles of Batoche and Fish Creek. Twelve women in all were part of the first organized body of female nurses in Canadian military history. Note the group of wounded patients at centre, two of whom have lost an arm.

Site: National Defence