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Canada's First Warriors

Type: Interactive ResourceDocument

A slide show presentation of Native American dress from the 16th to mid-18th century.

Site: National Defence

French soldiers of the early 17th century

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These French soldiers wear a style of clothing common through much of Western Europe in the early seventeenth century. Note the musket rest carried by the man at left, and the pike carried by the man in the background. Mid-19th century engraving after a drawing by Alfred de Marbot.

Site: National Defence

A Commemorative History of Aboriginal People in the Canadian Military

Type: Document

This history on our Aboriginal Peoples and their contribution to Canada’s rich military heritage is the latest in a series of books prepared by the Director of History and Heritage commemorating especial military experience. Authors : P. Whitney Lackenbauer, Ph.D., R. Scott Sheffield, Ph.D., John Moses, Maxime Gohier

Site: National Defence

Saint-Louis Forts and Châteaux National Historic Site of Canada: Archaeological Discoveries

Type: Document

The archeological research project currently underway at the Saint-Louis Forts and Châteaux National Historic Site of Canada began in June 2005. The final exploratory campaign was conducted in the summer of 2007. The three digs confirmed the site’s historical significance. Many architectural remains were excavated:

Site: Parks Canada

A Different Model

Type: Document

During the 18th century, the British colonies in what is now Atlantic Canada were very different from their counterparts further south in New England. The northern colonies had a strong military presence, relatively small civilian populations, and no strong militia.

Site: National Defence