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Beaumont-Hamel National Historic Site of Canada : Parks Canada's 3-D Tours: Defence of Canada

Type: Interactive Resource

Parks Canada has provided a virtual doorway to explore Canada's national historic military sites. Online tours enable the user to travel to the sites of famous battles or view a famous building. Both virtual and text tours are available. The Newfoundland Memorial Site is located within the French commune of Beaumont-Hamel, at the northern end of the region of the Somme, some nine kilometres northeast of the town of Albert. Opened in 1925, the site commemorates Newfoundlanders who served in the First World War.

Site: Parks Canada

Memories of War: Lesson Plan

Type: Document

This lesson invites students to think critically about the way in which we memorialize war. Starting with the concept of a war memorial, students analyze a series of war memorials drawn from diverse historical contexts, and interpret some of the fundamental messages encoded within monuments. Students also conduct independent research into Canadian war memorials and their messages, ultimately crafting their own war memorial based on their choice of a significant Canadian person, place or event related to World War I, II, or the Korean War.

Site: Parks Canada