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Subject > Politics and Society > Life on the Homefront

Date > 1900 > 1950-1959

Assignment: Grades 11-12: The Cold War - Civil Defense or Nuclear Disarmament? - For Teachers

Type: Document

Compares and contrasts the positions of civil defense and nuclear disarmament.

Site: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Holding Up Half the Sky: Women's History Lesson Plan

Type: Document

"Women hold up half the sky" is a saying that values the contributions of women to our world. This activity introduces some of Canada's remarkable female "agents of change" and the organizations with which they worked.

Site: Parks Canada

Assignment: Grades 9-10: The Cold War - Planning for Survival - For Teachers

Type: Document

Investigates government and personal measures taken in order to ensure survival in the event of a nuclear war.

Site: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation