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Casualty evacuation, U.N. Protection Force in ex-Yugoslavia (UNPROFOR), 1994

Type: Image

Canadian military personnel evacuating a wounded United Nations soldier in Bosnia, 1994. (DND, 94-501A-4)

Site: National Defence

Canadian M113 armoured personnel carriers, U.N. Protection Force in ex-Yugoslavia (UNPROFOR), 1993

Type: Image

These Canadian APCs seen at the Sarajevo airport are serving with the United Nations in Bosnia during the 1993 siege of the city. (Canadian Department of National Defence, 93-5381)

Site: National Defence

Peacemaking and the 1990-91 Gulf War

Type: Document

The Persian Gulf War of 1990-91 most resembled the Korean War with Canada sending elements from all three services. Participation was limited as Canadians were also deployed elsewhere around the world on United Nations.

Site: National Defence

Van Doos: Providing 'Safe Havens' in Bosnia

Type: Film and Video

1993 television news report shows how the Royal 22nd Regiment peacekeepers in Srebrenica must both disarm and defend Muslim refugees.

Site: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation