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The Congo and Cyprus Emergencies

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The early sixties would see Canadians deployed in smaller numbers, and in new roles, on United Nations missions. Canadians were deployed as communications specialists in the Congo, because they spoke both English and French. Troops were also sent as peacekeepers to Cyprus, and remained in that role for almost 30 years.

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Canada and Peacekeeping Operations - The Congo, 1960-64

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If the French colonies could have independence, the Congolese asked, why not us? Riots erupted in Leopoldville, Congo in January 1959. The bloodshed of January immediately aroused fears that the Congo might become a Belgian Algeria. Prime Minister Diefenbaker announced the Canadian contribution to the Congo force on the 30 July, and on 1 August parliamentary approval was given to the government's resolution authorizing the contribution.

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Van Doos: Rescue in the Jungle

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Sergeant Leo Lessard of the Royal 22nd Regiment recalls a daring helicopter rescue mission that saved two nuns from rebel soldiers in the Congo.

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Canadian observers, U.N. Operation in the Congo (ONUC), 1961

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These Canadians are on the roof of the building that served as United Nations Forces HQ in Leopoldville/Kinshasa, Congo/Zaire, 1961. (Canadian Department of National Defence, ZK-1905)

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