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Cold War Canada - Comfort and Fear

Type: Document

Canada moves closer to the American sphere of influence during the Cold War era. However, we still try to maintain our own voice on the international front, particularly with our involvement in the conflict in Egypt in 1956. This page is an introduction to Canadian involvement in the international politics of the 1950s from the television series "Canada: A People's History." Includes links to educational resources, bibliography, games, puzzles, and video clips.

Site: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

1957: Diplomat Lester Pearson wins Nobel Peace Prize

Type: Film and Video

Lester Pearson is interviewed following his receiving the Nobel Peace Prize for his role in helping defuse and resolve the Suez Canal Crisis.

Site: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Peacemaking and the 1990-91 Gulf War

Type: Document

The Persian Gulf War of 1990-91 most resembled the Korean War with Canada sending elements from all three services. Participation was limited as Canadians were also deployed elsewhere around the world on United Nations.

Site: National Defence