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Lachine Massacre - Claiming the Wilderness

Type: DocumentFilm and Video

A brief account of the events leading up to the Lachine massacre of 1689. Discusses the political climate amongst the French, English, and Iroquois and describes what happened to some of the residents of Lachine during and after the attack. Taken from the television series "Canada: A People's History." Includes links to educational resources, bibliography, games, puzzles, and video clips.

Site: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Map of the main campaigns in New France and New England

Type: Image

This map shows the theatre of war for the campaigns in New France ('Nouvelle-France') and New England ('Nouvelle-Angleterre') between 1686 and 1711.

Site: National Defence

The Shock of the Attack on Lachine

Type: Document

In 1689, the Iroquois attacked the village of Lachine near Montreal, killing many and taking others prisoner . Perceiving the Iroquois attack to be instigated by the English, with whom France had just gone to war, Governor Frontenac decided upon a formidable counterattack.

Site: National Defence