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Topic: The 1991 Gulf War

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In 1991, Canadian troops were sent abroad for the first time since the Korean War, joining the Allied forces to fight Iraq's invasion of Kuwait. Unlike any conflict before, the Gulf War of 1991 brought the threat of biological warfare. Iraqi forces retreated quickly; however, it was evident that problems remained unresolved. Includes links to related topics.

Site: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Dawn of Chemical Warfare - Horror on the Battlefield - First World War

Type: Document

During the First World War, gas attacks killed or injured an estimated 1,296,853 soldiers. Canadian troops were front and centre during some of the first uses of such attacks in the war. From the television series "Canada: A People's History." Includes links to educational resources, bibliography, games, puzzles, and video clips.

Site: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Canada's Secret War: Vietnam

Type: DocumentFilm and Video

Vietnam may have been America's war but Canada was heavily involved — for and against. Canada harboured American draft dodgers and helped supervise ceasefires. But at the same time, about 30,000 Canadians volunteered to fight in southeast Asia. And there was Canada's involvement in secret missions, weapons testing and arms production. The CBC Archives looks at Canada's role in the Vietnam War.

Site: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation