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Tackling the Language Issue

Type: Document

It would take two defence Ministers, Paul Hellyer and Leo Cadieux, and the Forces Chief of Staff, General Jean V. Allard, to give the impetus to real change in Canada's armed forces. While advances have been made in instruction and training, and the number of francophone units; the problem of integrating two official languages in military operations has yet to be solved.

Site: National Defence

Holding Up Half the Sky: Women's History Lesson Plan

Type: Document

"Women hold up half the sky" is a saying that values the contributions of women to our world. This activity introduces some of Canada's remarkable female "agents of change" and the organizations with which they worked.

Site: Parks Canada

Royal 22nd Regiment: Canada's Fighting 'Van Doos'

Type: DocumentFilm and VideoSound

Look back at the French-Canadian regiment the Van Doos, their history, exploits, and unique culture.

Site: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Soviet Spy Scandal - Cold War Canada

Type: Document

A young Russian clerk from the Soviet Embassy begins a spy scare in 1945. His search for asylum in Canada and the effect of the information he divulged is discussed in this article. Suspected spies were found in all levels of Canadian government. Excerpt from the television series "Canada: A People's History." Includes links to educational resources, bibliography, games, puzzles, and video clips.

Site: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

From Colony to Country - Northwest Campaign - Personal Stories - The Participants -- Autobiography, Biography and Reminiscence

Type: DocumentImage

Bibliography of works on the major personalities of the Northwest Campaign. Includes biographies, autobiographies, and memoirs, as well as biographical dictionaries.

Site: Library and Archives Canada

Return to Ortona - David Halton Visits 55 Years Later

Type: Film and Video

David Halton, son of war correspondent Matthew Halton, and a group of Canadian veterans write a final epilogue to the Battle of Ortona.

Site: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Prince Returns to Action

Type: Document

Three of the 11 medals Tommy Prince earned during his military career were for service during the United Nations' operations in Korea. In August 1950, one week after the government announced its decision to form the Special Force, 34-year-old Tom Prince joined the 2nd Battalion, Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry (PPCLI), the first Canadian Army unit to arrive in the region.

Site: Veterans Affairs Canada

From Colony to Country - Northwest Campaign - Aboriginal Peoples - Métis and Indians

Type: Document

This is a bibliography of resources on western Native Canadian history with particular emphasis on the Métis. Some works are recent and general, although the list also includes biographies, autobiographies, and memoirs.

Site: Library and Archives Canada