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Lieutenant-Colonel William D. Otter (1843-1929) - South African War

Type: Document

Lieutenant-Colonel William D. Otter became the first Canadian-born officer to command this country’s military. As commanding officer of the 2nd Battalion, Royal Canadian Regiment of Infantry in South Africa, his no nonsense, no frills approach to soldiering brought him into conflict with the less disciplined ways of his officers and men, but his austere professionalism got results.

Site: Canadian War Museum

Canadian Illustrated News - Departure of a Prussian Regiment - Evacuation of France by the Prussians

Type: Image

Drawing depicting the evacuation of France by the Prussians.

Site: Library and Archives Canada

A Vital Factor – The Militia

Type: Document

A vital factor throughout Canadian military history has been the role of the militia or reserves. While there has been a shift from a small professional core of soldiers supporting a larger militia, to a small militia supporting a larger regular force; society has seen the necessity of funding both groups.

Site: National Defence

Canadian Illustrated News - Tuileries Gardens Since the Breaking out of the Civil War

Type: Image

Drawing of the gardens of Tuileries since the breaking out of the Civil War.

Site: Library and Archives Canada