Turning Point – 1943

The Army Sicily and Italy

Reuniting the Canadian Army

There still remained some tough battles to fight along the streams between Rimini and the Savio, then across the Senio and the marshlands of Ravenna. However, the Canadian Army Corps would not be part of them. The Canadian government was anxious to see it back with the 1st Canadian Army in northwest Europe. At Malta in January 1945 the Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee agreed to respect this Canadian priority despite the problems raised by the withdrawal of a large military force in full operation. On 9 February 1945 the 8th Army commander said his goodbyes to his senior Canadian officers, and the move to France began in deepest secrecy. On 15 March, I Canadian Corps assumed responsibility for the district of Nijmegen in the Netherlands. Two weeks later the troops of the 5th Armoured Division and the 1st Infantry Division lined up for the last stage of the offensive against Germany in western Netherlands.