The King's Soldiers

The Carignan

The Regiment Departs

In April and May 1665, the 20 companies were reviewed in La Rochelle and declared complete, with "some even having more men than they needed." 43 They then boarded the ships bound for Canada. The regimental staff included Colonel de Salières, Lieutenant-Colonel Du Port, Major La Freydière, Assistant Major Féraud, Adjutant La Combe-Pocatière, Chaplain d'Egriseilles and Surgeon Major Du Tartre. Each of the 20 companies had a captain, a lieutenant and an ensign as commissioned officers, and, as enlisted men, two sergeants, three corporals, five lance-corporals and forty soldiers, of whom at least one served as drummer. The first four companies arrived in Quebec beginning on June 19, 1665, followed by the colonel and eight other companies in August. The last eight companies came in September. In the meantime, the Marquis de Tracy had left Martinique with his soldiers. His fleet arrived in Quebec on June 30. Canada already had an acting governor, Monsieur de Courcelles, but the Marquis de Tracy was superior to him with power over all the colonies in North America.