The Napoleonic Wars and the War of 1812

Objective: Montreal!

Lower-Canadian Militia Join the Defence

Militiaman, Lower Canada Sedentary Militia, 1813

Caption: Militiaman, Lower Canada Sedentary Militia, 1813

When the British commander learned that Hampton's army was preparing to cross the border, some 8,000 men of the Lower Canada Sedentary Militia were mobilized for active duty. These were excellent militiamen, according to William Dunlop, surgeon for the 89th, who encountered several of their regiments along his way one October day in 1813:

"We came up with several regiments of militia on their line of march. They had all a serviceable appearance - all had been pretty well drilled, and their arms being direct from the tower, were in perfectly good order, nor had they the mobbish appearance that such a levy in any other country would have had. Their capots and trousers of home-spun stuff, and their blue tuques [night caps] were all of the same cut and color, which gave them an air of uniformity that added much to their military look.... They marched merrily along to the music of their voyageur songs, and as they perceived our uniform as we came up, they set up the Indian War-whoop, followed by a shout of Vive le Roi along the whole line ...." 66