The Napoleonic Wars and the War of 1812

The Americans Attack Upper Canada

British Raid on Sackets Harbor Fails

Meanwhile, to the east of Lake Ontario, the arrival at Kingston of Sir James Lucas Yeo, accompanied by sailors of the Royal Navy, enabled the British squadron to regain the upper hand. With some control over the lake, Governor Prevost took command of a raid against Sackets Harbor, the main American naval base on the lake. The attack was launched on May 28 by a column of 750 men who disembarked from Commodore Yeo's ships. It was defended by only 400 regular army men and 500 militiamen who had come to their aid, under the command of a young and brilliant general in the New York militia, Jacob Brown. For two days, he spurred on his men and was able to resist two assaults. There were considerable British losses: 47 dead and 1,954 wounded, compared to 41 dead and 85 wounded for the Americans. Brown's conduct earned him a commission as a brigadier in the regular army.