The Napoleonic Wars and the War of 1812

The 1802 Peace

Stalemate Leads to Peace

In Europe, however, events were moving at a fast pace. Against all expectations, the armies of the Republic repulsed the Prussian and Austrian invasion attempts. The French then occupied Holland, part of Germany and northern Italy. In mid1801 only Great Britain was still at war with France. It triumphed on the seas and in the colonies, whereas France won victories in Western Europe, leading to an impasse. The belligerents proclaimed an armistice on October 12, 1801, and signed a peace treaty at Amiens on March 25, 1802.

In Canada the news was received with considerable relief. In the summer and fall of 1802 all the colonial regiments raised in the Maritimes in 1793 were disbanded, along with the Queen's Rangers and the two battalions of Royal Canadian Volunteers.