Trooper, Canadian Mounted Rifles, 1900-1902

Caption: Trooper, Canadian Mounted Rifles, 1900-1902

Six regiments of Canadian Mounted Rifles were sent to South Africa in 1900-1902, although the final four arrived after the end of the war, and saw no service. All of them a khaki uniform. This man wears British-made clothing, issued to replace inferior Canadian uniforms made of canvas. The 'stetson' hat was the distinguishing mark of a Canadian soldier during the war. These were bought from an American company. The Mounted Rifles wore Oliver pattern equipment (invented by a British doctor and used only by the Canadians) made up of a belt, bayonet, and haversack, along with Orndorff pattern bandoliers from British stocks. They were armed with Lee-Enfield Mark I rifles. Reconstruction by Ron Volstad. (Canadian Department of National Defence)