The town of Trois-Rivières in 1704

Caption: The town of Trois-Rivières in 1704

Trois-Rivières was founded in 1634 and, in 1653, a palisade along with a guardhouse and a redoubt were completed so as to offer a good defence against the Iroquois whose menace became far less acute from the later 1660s but the palisade wall was kept up. An intendant order of January 1706 called for cedar logs for the palisade and they could be seen still in good repair in 1721. The logs were 10 to 12 inches in diameter and some 12 feet in height. They enclosed the town until 19 to 21 May 1752 when a major fire consumed several buildings and the town’s log palisade. It was not rebuilt. (National Archives of Canada, C15784)